Books by Slim Randles

Books by Slim Randles
"A man to ride the river with."
-Louis L'Amour

"Slim's writing would make Hemingway proud and Jack London envious."
-Max Evans

Slim Randles...

It's hard to tell where the outdoors leaves off and the writing begins in the life of award winning western author Slim Randles, because they have both been inseparable for decades. When Slim wasn't in the newsroom of a newspaper- either as editor, reporter, or columnist- he was in the open, getting cold, wet, burned by the sun, starving and otherwise having a great time. He has been a hunting guide in New Mexico and Alaska, made the first solo dogsled trip across Alaska's Arctic Slope, paddled a canoe down the Yukon River, built a log cabin 12 miles from the nearest road, and drove a dog team in the first Iditarod Race. He has also packed mules in the eastern High Sierra and roped calves in rodeos. And he has written about it in newspaper stories, magazine articles, and books, both fiction and non-fiction. He was a popular columnist for the Anchorage Daily News and The Albuquerque Journal, and now writes a syndicated weekly newspaper column called "Home Country".


Now you can watch clips of Slim Randles on his YOUTUBE channel Home Country Minute

Slim and Catherine Randles live both in Albuquerque, and in a small cabin with a huge porch near the geographical center of the state. Slimís still young enough to start his own colts, and old enough to know better. And just for the record, his coonhound thinks he's wonderful.

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